The KickUps


The evolution of Kick-Ups from their beginning to where they are today is a fascinating one. It shows how passionate Scott and Clive are about young children and how they have been able to continue providing healthy activities to them, even despite the significant changes to our environment that have affected us all.


2010 - 2016

Kick Up A Party is born. A sports themed birthday party service whereby children can experience the joy of the sports field with an hour of fun filled activities. Made even more special by every child at the party receiving a Kick Up A Party medal, and a personalised trophy for the champion of the day.

A unique opportunity arises for us to put in motion the Extra-Mural program we had been creating, aimed at Kick starting children’s love for sports by exposing them to Soccer, Cricket, and Rugby at an early age in a fun and exciting way. Helping South Africa Kick Up A Healthy Lifestyle, one child at a time! The Kick-Ups has officially arrived.

We leave our part time positions and postgraduate study in order to pursue The Kick-Ups full-time. Our first monthly “salaries” were less than R2 000 each… Look out Richard Branson!

We begin acquiring a combined total of 8 years of coaching and childcare experience. In addition, we graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science Hons in Cultural Anthropology. 

In April 2016, We left our part time positions and postgraduate study in order to pursue The Kick-Ups full-time. 


2017 - 2019

Novel Corona Virus / Covid-19 outbreak reported in Wuhan, China. (Sars-Cov2)

2020 Jan: School and Group Classes open for the year in South Africa. 

World Health Organisation declares Covid-19 a global pandemic with the virus growing exponentially in China, Italy, UK, USA, and other countries. 0 confirmed cases in South Africa.

Covid-19 Patient Zero identified in South Africa, a handful of cases are confirmed of the next week.

Schools across South Africa are to be closed from the 18th March after a Presidential Address announcing a State of Disaster to combat the spread of Covid-19 in the country. More than 200 cases were confirmed. Gauteng is regarded as the Epicentre of the outbreak in South Africa.

Despite having strict measures at our group classes and private lessons, and indeed across the country, we are forced to close all of our remaining classes as The President announces a 21 day national lockdown from the 26th of March. More than 400 cases confirmed.

Lock down extended by 14 days.

We have been following the global pandemic closely and it’s being reported that we can only expect a vaccine to be ready in 12 to 18 months. So it looks like we’re in this for the long run but, there’s no need to panic. 

South Africans are resilient and we will pull through this together.

In the meantime, we have been working on a plan to allow parents to take control of their children’s physical and sporting development at home. We are incredibly excited about our idea, and we believe parents will be too; long after we are through the uncertainty of this pandemic.

“Our hard work and determination finally seem to be paying off! “

We have 4 different Group Class venues with a combined total of ~20 classes. We have also been included in more than 15 different schools across Johannesburg. We have 1 permanent employee and 2 part-time employees, and together we coach 100’s of children every week. Inspired by fellow entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, we drop “The” and become “Kick-Ups”.